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homebizgearsTitle:Integrating Technology with Business - Video ConferencingArticle:Many businesses operate separate offices in several states across the country and even abroad to keep their customer base wide and satisfied with their services. This is a great opportunity for a business to reach customers of all regions. While this is a great benefit to the customers, it can prove difficult to manage to the company itself. When you have multiple employees spread out over a large span of the nation it can be challenging to ensure that each facility is operating based on the core values of the company and that they are not straying from the practices that have been put in place to ensure excellent service to the customers. This is when it is beneficial to incorporate some of the technologies that are available. By incorporating video conferencing you can keep all sites connected and working in the same direction. Many people confuse a video call or video chat on the intranet with video conferencing. With the online video chat options, you are simply connecting with images to one person. You can hold individual conversations in a private setting and see what the other person is doing while you are talking. Video conferencing is intended more for the business world. It has much more capabilities than the normal video chat options. With video conferencing, a business can connect each of their sites to one another to hold a meeting. The cost savings of flying employees to one specified location for a meeting is removed and the attendees may come to the meeting right from their own office space. Without this technology, someone may find that their travel time (time away from their families) is extreme. When video conferencing is introduced, this can lead to happier employees as they do not have to travel far from home to get the updates that are needed. When a business is able to introduce video conferencing to their operations they are setting the business up for success. By allowing the sites to dial into a video conference right from their location, you are opening the conference up to many more associates. When you have more attendees, you are likely to get some new and original ideas presented, which could lead to amazing growth. It is possible that someone that is typically not able to travel to on site training sessions is able to attend and present their ideas and input. You can ensure that each location, no matter how far spread they are in the country, is performing to the same standards by holding video teleconferences frequently. You can provide up training and updates on the business so that everyone knows the areas that need work and the way that is proposed to solve any issues that have come to light. Also, if one region is having troubles in a certain area, another group may be able to offer them suggestions on how to resolve the issue. Video conferencing has opened doors to communication that are benefiting companies worldwide. Changing to a video conferencing system can be a challenge for those that are sometimes resistant to change but the benefits outweigh any uncomfortable feelings and pretty soon each participant will realize the benefits and will wonder why they have not been using this system in the past. About the author of this article: to get video conferencing and audio conference equipments, visit esco audio visual now.Category:Science: TechnologyDate:April 28, 2011 12:03:04 PM ken griffey jr cleats

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