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Sometimes the shoes are the last thing your guests will notice, but they are no less important for setting your wedding-day style. Yes, your dress, your veil and your face will be the first thing people see when you first walk down the aisle. But later in the day, in some candid moments, your shoes will stand out, front and center. Perhaps as you gather your hem to go up the steps of the sanctuary? Or maybe as you climb the steps into your reception area? And certainly as you hit the dance floor, your shoes will come clearly into focus. There are several things to think about when selecting your shoes. After all, you have put a lot of thought into finding just the right dress. You want your shoes to reflect your style: If your dress is glamorous, your shoes match or complement that look. For instance, if your dress is high fashion, you don't want to wear a basic pump. You probably want something a little edgier. On the other hand, if your dress is voluminous and has a great deal of detail, a simpler shoe may be best. You want to make sure you are no more than eye-to-eye with your groom. If you and your groom are close in height, do not get a pair of 5-inch heels that will have you bending down to meet his lips for the official kiss. And keep in mind how the wedding photos will look with you towering over the wedding party. You want people noticing you and not your height. The choice of wedding shoes is almost as vast as the selection of gowns. The following are some styles to consider: Fashion Statements. These are not your mother's pumps. They are often strappy sandals with elegant embellishments and feature a 3- to 4-inch heel – or higher. One style features chiffon petals anchored to the ankle strap that fall gracefully down over the top of your foot. Another style has a rhinestone ankle strap with more rhinestones hanging off of the strap. If you like a high heel, but you're not sure you can carry it off all day, look for a glamorous 4-inch wedge heel, which offers more stability than a shoe with regular heels. You can even find a fashion shoe based on today's popular Roman sandal look. One model has an adjustable buckle around the ankle and four horizontal straps going down to the toes. Its 1-inch platform sole makes it a little easier to get around on the 4½-inch heels. For a classically elegant look, look for the shoe with about 10 strands of cascading rhinestones anchored at the top of the ankle strap and at the strap that crosses your toes. Your feet with be covered in sparkling rhinestones. Lower Heels Do not think that you have to wear a high heel to look glamorous. One particularly attractive shoe has a bright rhinestone brooch over the toes. The adjustable strap wraps just around the heel for an open look. And while it is a 3¾-inch heel, it does not feel nearly that high because it is built on hidden platform sole. And for a very sexy look, choose a shoe with a cutaway look. Picture a pump, but with both sides of the shoe cut out. The result is a sexy line that shows off the pretty part of your foot – the delicate arch. You can get this style in both an open- and closed-toe model. Dressy Flats If you want complete comfort – or you choose not to tower over your groom – there are plenty of glamorous flat shoes. A rhinestone encrusted, peep-toe model sports just a 2½-inch heel. Go even lower with a dressy sandal. They are dyeable, fabric shoes that are covered with sparkling crystals. Best of all, the heel is just 2 inches high. It is truly comfortable and dressy. Tips No matter what height or style of shoes you choose, there are some rules to making sure they accent your outfit and meet your needs on the wedding day: Be sure you bring your shoes to all of the fittings for your dress. The heel will affect how your dress fits you and how you will be able to get around in it. Break your shoes in before the big day. Walk around on in your carpeted living room for several nights before the wedding. Bring back-up shoes for the reception. You may have done everything you can to make your shoes work for you, but just in case bring along a pair of sparkling flip flops or ballet slippers. You will be glad you did! Regardless of the type of ceremony you're planning, the perfect pair of shoes can be the cherry on top of a perfect bridal ensemble and a perfect day. Use these helpful tips to find the style that suits you now. About Author Kerry Hutchings is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and specific products such as bridal shoes and Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro (cool grey) . This article is free for republishing Published at Air Max 2009 Jordan 13 Retro Air Jordan Fusion 5 - Grape White Spice Air Jordan 2011 Mens Basketball Shoes - White Black Red

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