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tomselwick09Title:Teaching Scripture Stories to Children and TeenagersArticle:If you have children or teenagers who are lacking religion and inspiration in their lives, teaching them to love the scriptures and the stories contained in them is very important. Cultivating this respect and love can help them to understand their self-worth, feel reverence for the world around them, and grow up to be better, more responsible adults. The younger they are when you teach them, the better. They will be able to apply the stories to their lives in a simple way, and refer to their lessons when they need them. However, helping them to relate on their level can be a little tricky, if you just read to them verbatim from the Bible. Even a child, who may not understand all the messages of the scriptures, can enjoy a story. The key is to learn how to tell them the story yourself, so they can learn from you. Before telling the story, you must first become familiar with the story yourself. The better you know the story and the better we know the people involved, the better you will be able to tell it to your young ones. First, read the story and think about your own impressions of it-what does it say to you. Remember to focus on the message you are supposed to be presenting when you tell the story. Most stories can have more than one application, so how you tell the story will depend on what you want to teach. Read the story several times, and then try to tell it to yourself. Do not worry about exact words or style. Just make sure that you have the basics down. Think about them, and think about the person in the story, whoever that may be. How did they feel in the story, why did they do whatever they did? How did they feel about the outcome of the story? Helping kids to connect to the feelings of the people involved in the story is key. They may not be able to understand all the concepts, but they can understand the emotions. If you can, get a drawing of the person you are telling them about. The more they are able to connect and relate to them, the better they will grasp the story. Close your eyes and picture the story as it is happening. Encourage them to do the same. Consider all of the reactions of the characters to what is going on. After telling it to them, you may even want to consider having them act the story out themselves-this can be a fun and exciting way for them to get involved. Be very careful as you decide how to present the story, that you do not make up information. Stay true to the story and be respectful. Teach them to respect the people and prophets in the stories-they are not something to laugh about, or trivialize. Teaching them respect is key to help them learn to respect everyone around them. Try to put in drama, but not so much that you are putting on a show. A simply told scripture story will have more power than one all dressed up for appearances. Because you have prepared so well, you will care about these people and this event, and that will show in your telling. Try to tell the story initially without interruption, from memory. Then sit down and read it together in the scriptures. This is usually the best method for children, and is often effective for teenagers and adults as well. Let them feel the power of the story, as a story first. Then, when you are reading from the actual words, discuss the implications of the story. The scriptures are our greatest source of powerful stories for gospel teaching. Use them regularly to bring your lessons to life. Your children can learn to love the stories contained in the scriptures, just as they do in the stories that they read in books. The prophets and people in them can become heroes and role models, teaching them values, strength, and courage. Begin to by reading and preparing yourself, before you pass it on to them. You can use these times to bond your family together, while appreciating the examples of those who came before. About the author of this article: tom selwick has worked the past 21 years in the family industry. he suggests buyingliving scriptures from a quality company so you know your items are genuine. contact info: tom selwick tomselwick09@gmail.com http://www.livingscriptures.comCategory:Business: CareerDate:March 30, 2011 04:03:01 PM Nike Air Jordan Retro 15 LS (black metallic gold white)

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